Turnkey Project

In our turnkey service, detailed project design is made for you and your architect carries out the whole process on your behalf from the first day to the last day of the application and takes care of the details one-to-one.

Turnkey Stages

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When you learn the process and approve the proposal, a contract that protects your rights is signed and your project design process, in which your architect is personally interested, starts with confidence.

Project Process

The first presentation of your project is presented with 3D visuals, application drawings are created with all the details by being revised according to your demands.


Your infrastructure works start first, and product orders are placed simultaneously. The products to be purchased are listed by your architect.


As soon as the renovation works are completed, the furniture assembly and product shipments, and the project gains the same image with the project visuals step by step.


The whole process is carried out by your architect's team and workshops, and with personal follow-up and control. You can follow up your project through the reports prepared by your architect and the online tracking system.

You can easily access all project details and offers shared with you from the account created for you in the online tracking system.

As your account is updated, you can follow your project remotely with updated reports and reminders about your project.

You can follow every stage and process of the project from your account, and you can monitor what percentage of your project has been completed.

All photos and videos about the status of your project are shared with you every other day. You can follow your project without visiting the construction site.

Online Tracking Privilege

Project Tracking


Project Proposal

All products used in the project and all applications to be made are offered by your interior architect in accordance with the project content.


Professional Team

Your project infrastructure works are carried out by the experienced teams that your interior architect work regularly.


Custom Design Furniture

Furniture suitable for the place in the project is produced under the supervision of your interior architect from the furniture workshops she works with.


Partner Companies

The materials and products used in the project are supplied by the interior architect's partner companies, which are the best in the industry.


Special Discounts

Get discounts of up to 20% from partner companies that your interior architect regularly purchases from!


Quality control

Your interior architect controls all the applications made for your project and all the products delivered for you!

Why is it important for us to follow the application?

Your project must be followed according to the work program determined by authorized persons.

The application process should be within a special work program by people who know the production times.

Qualified people who will provide on-site solutions and suggestions against possible problems should be present at the construction site.

In order for the time to be spent to be spent effectively and efficiently, the management of the subcontractors should be undertaken by competent people in a way that results in analytical thinking.

The one who has the best command of the project is the architect who created the project.

The process management and control of the team that will implement the project, the communication between the team and the process takes place in a shorter time and more efficiently when your architect manages the process.

Details are proof of the success of a project. Implementing the project with the eyes of your professional interior architect ensures that no detail escapes your notice.

With the revision of the parts that need to be changed during the project implementation process and the decisions to be made on site, your architect will be able to quickly realize the change on site.